Information on the provisional programme for the Congress

A transversal structure has been designed for the sessions, which will cover the main topics in the agrifood sector. Participants will present and discuss their research by means of oral presentations or posters in Spanish or English, classified into the following Tracks:



  1. Plant Genetic Resources, Improvements and Biotechnology in Plant Production
  2. Horticulture, Citrus Growing, Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Crop Protection
  3. Production, Wellbeing, Genetics and Quality in Animal Production
  4. Sustainable Agriculture. Climate Change and Environmental Stressors
  5. Agricultural Industrial Installations
  6. Land Use. Assessment of Agricultural Resources. Rural Development
  7. Agricultural Economy and Business Management
  8. Management of Water, Nutrition and Energy in Horticulture
  9. Mechanization, Precision Agriculture, Remote Sensing and Robotics
  10. Organic Waste Management and Recovery in Agriculture
  11. Processing and Innovation in Animal Products
  12. Postharvest and processing of plant products
  13. Functional Food, Sensory Quality and Health